We are planning on establishing further SAKS Urban Design Hotels in German and European cities in the coming years.
For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for properties in a central location, which are suitable for realising our vision of creating high quality boutique hotels in urban spaces.
If you are interested in a SAKS Urban Design Hotel on your property or if you are selling an urban property, we have compiled a list of criteria for you below:
Why us?
  • long-term lease agreement with SAKS for your property
  • development of the property for a SAKS by us
  • upvaluation of your property through a trendy 4* boutique hotel
  • the acquisition of property by SAKS without external investor
  • short decision paths
What are the perfect framework conditions for the construction of a SAKS Urban Design Hotel?
  • inner-city locations in Western European cities with at least 500,000 inhabitants
  • good traffic connections
Building size
  • ideal size 2,800 sqm – approx. 5,000 sqm, ground floor about 100 – 150 sqm
  • 80 – 140 rooms, generously sized areas for the lounge, bar and spa
Plot size
  • ideal size 600 sqm – approx. 800 sqm
  • 40 – 60 parking spaces or connection to public or private car park
The architecture of the existing property
  • preferably a solitary property (»From decadent to original«)
  • ceiling height in rooms and corridors at least 2.50 m
  • ceiling height on ground floor at least 3 m
  • suitable static concept with an appropriate axial dimension for room widths (3.30 m – 3.80 m)
  • large windows in the rooms
  • passenger lift
  • delivery zone
  • the possibility to build a spa in the attic (panoramic sauna)
  • the possibility of vehicular access or loading and unloading
  • glass front in the entrance area
  • trendy shops, restaurants and entertainment
  • inner-city district with a mix of commercial and residential space
Market criteria
  • a good structure of companies from the areas of production, services and/or IT
  • attractiveness of the city as a private travel destination
  • business and tourist destination